We Are Staying in Massachusetts at Least Until We Retire

I grew up in the part of the country where the Forefathers spent most of their time establishing our new country and representative republic form of government. I have heard people say how we live in a democracy. We live under a form of it, but it is not a pure democracy. If that was the case, then there would be a vote of the people for everything from a new law to putting up a new stop sign on your street. That would take forever. We moved to apartments for rent in Revere MA lat last year. We almost decided to move out west. However, this area is rich in history that we are familiar with, and most of our family still lives within an hour of Revere.

I could teach history anywhere, but there is something about teaching it here where the foundation of our country began. I cannot go to a courthouse or library in Massachusetts without seeing so much leftover details of the birth of our country. There are historical Revolutionary War sites all around us. You can still walk through halls in a building where General Washington or Ben Franklin walked. I have often wondered what excitement we would see if we had a time machine that would let us rewind history where we stood.

We like living in Massachusetts, and that is why we stayed. I put in applications in other states for a career change as a teacher, but we decided to stick around here even though it was for a little less money. We are invested in the people and the area, and it just did not feel right to leave. We have enjoyed Revere for a long time, and we plan on being here for a lot longer. Our apartment has all the luxury we need. It is comfortable, and the kitchen is beautiful. We have garage parking, access to the beach and this is a fun place to live.