The Final Result is Just Stunning

I was so happy when my husband told me that he wanted to finally build a garage. I knew that he had been putting it off because of the cost, but paying off a large mortgage means that we can finally stop putting other things off. He has a friend who was able to get him a great price on a garage, but it did not include a paved driveway or a sidewalk leading to the house. I did a search for driveway and concrete sidewalks in Nassau County, which is how I found the company that we ended up using.

My husband had the garage installed first. We did have a gravel driveway leading up to it, but we both wanted a paved driveway, and I definitely wanted to have a sidewalk leading to the house. The offer we were given on the garage was too good to pass up though, which is why we agreed to just have the garage put in. Once it was though, we contacted the paving company I had found. I wanted someone to come out and look at the driveway as well as the area where we wanted the sidewalk.

I knew that they would be able to give us at least an estimate after looking at the driveway, and I was very happy with the quote they gave us. We decided to have them put us on their schedule, because we were just so excited to have it completely done. It did not take them long at all, and it was interesting to watch them turn our gravel driveway into a really beautiful paved driveway. There is a pattern on both edges, and there is a small wall on the one side too. The sidewalk leading to the house has the same pattern, and it is just stunning. I am so glad we did this!