I Made the Better Decision

Tomorrow it will be exactly one month since I’ve been staying at the Treasure at Tampines. Originally I wasn’t going to get a condo and would have been happy just staying at an apartment, but I changed my mind after seeing how great the condo looked. Switching to the condo was definitely the better decision, as I’ve had a great time, have a great place to stay, and I’ve met some wonderful people here, including my girlfriend. If I were at the apartment, I’m sure I probably would have also met some great people, but not my girlfriend, and I would have the same amount of space or the same amenities.

I met my girlfriend only a few days after moving into my condo. We both got on the same elevator and began talking, and I asked her out to dinner and she said yes. Things progressed from there, and now we’re together. I didn’t really expect this to happen, but I’m happy that it did. Besides my girlfriend, I’ve also met some people that I hang out with occasionally. We usually get together to have some drinks and watch the sports games when we have free time on the weekend.

As for the amenities, I like going to the pool with my girlfriend. There’s nothing like a good swim to relax, and it’s much more fun with a companion. My girlfriend race to see who can swim faster than the other, and we splash water at each other as if we were little kids in the pool for the first time. We also go to the gym together and do exercise a few days out of the week. I’m more into lifting and she does more cario work, but we still manage to do some exercises at the same time.