I Got a Summer Job

This would be a much better job for other people who really needed to learn things, but of course I am just looking to stock away some money before I go off to college in the Fall. When I turned 18 I started helping out one of my cousins, he would not hire me before then because of the child labor laws. What he does is work in HVAC installation in NYC, but he has a really big job which is sort of too big for him alone. So he needs me to help him and he has subcontracted part of the job to this guy that he used to work for. In fact I just do the grunt work. It is not as though I know how to wire up one of these things and it is enough for me to get paid for doing the stuff they will let me do.

In fact a lot of what I am doing is simply taking stuff up and down the elevator. The job is going on in a busy 12 story building. They are rebuilding the place one floor at a time and putting in a new air conditioning and heating system. They have to work instead of being a beast of burden really, so that is my job. There is all sorts of things that you have to carry up to the site of the work. The terrible thing is that some of it is really long pieces of solid duct, which is too long to fit in the elevator. So I have to go up the stairs with the stuff, which is pretty heavy when you carry a bundle with half a dozen pieces in it. That it is obviously not something that you really look forward to doing.