Earning Some Money Before I Go to College

It is probable that I am not going to keep this job for long, although the entire idea is merely to make some money before I go off to college in the Fall. I am going to study computer science and I do not want to have to work any more than is essential once I get to school. At any rate I am doing roof repair in Queens, but in truth they have me helping out this sweet old guy. Most of the time he hardly lifts a finger, but he seems to know all that anyone could ever know about this stuff. So they send him around to look at jobs. If the job is big enough that it needs a big crew, then he gives the customer a quote and we move on to the next thing. If it is a small enough job, then we do the job. Or more succinctly I do what he tells me to do. He usually sits on a bucket and smokes a pipe, but of course the two of us are pretty formidable.

That is pretty simple, this guy knows all that there is to know about how to do this work. However he is probably sixty some years old and he has some physical limitations just like most guys his age do. He keeps complaining about his left knee and saying that he has to get it replaced for example. He does not move that fast and he does not carry a burden when he goes some place. That is what I am there for obviously. It takes the two of us to do things like this, but I am not really thinking that I want to hang around for the summer. That seems like it is going to be most unpleasant on those rooftops.