Learning the Piano is Easier Than I Thought

I sought out piano lessons for beginners in Singapore in order to fulfill a lifelong dream of learning how to play keyboards. I’ve always envied people who can play any instrument well, and I’ve felt lik a bit of a failure because I never took the time to learn how to play when I was a kid. My parents refused to pay for piano lessons so I never got to learn how to play the instrument. Then life started and i got so busy that I simply didn’t have the time to hire someone to teach me how to play.

It’s never too late to learn something, right? I’m finally in a comfortable place in my life, making lots of money, and I bought a piano for my apartment with the idea that I would learn how to play it. That meant finding an instructor, which was easier said than done. I needed to find just the right person because I’ve learned that everyone is different and you can learn a lot more and a lot faster if you can find that one person who just clicks with you on a personal level. So I did a lot of looking.

I finally found this person at a music centre where they do a lot of teaching with various instruments. Lots of kids go there to learn the violin or drums, but they also teach older people who never got the chance to learn when younger. I clicked with my instructor immediately and felt like I learned how to play faster and better very quickly. I also started practicing at home and was able to play fairly complicated pieces in less than a year! I’m so excited that I’m trying to find out if I can join a band and actually play in front of an audience. I owe it all to the instructor at the music centre.

I Made the Better Decision

Tomorrow it will be exactly one month since I’ve been staying at the Treasure at Tampines. Originally I wasn’t going to get a condo and would have been happy just staying at an apartment, but I changed my mind after seeing how great the condo looked. Switching to the condo was definitely the better decision, as I’ve had a great time, have a great place to stay, and I’ve met some wonderful people here, including my girlfriend. If I were at the apartment, I’m sure I probably would have also met some great people, but not my girlfriend, and I would have the same amount of space or the same amenities.

I met my girlfriend only a few days after moving into my condo. We both got on the same elevator and began talking, and I asked her out to dinner and she said yes. Things progressed from there, and now we’re together. » Read more