A Temporary Apartment Might Become Permanent

When my friend showed me The Catalina apartment at Parkway Square, I knew we had finally found our temporary home. We had been looking at apartments for rent in Tallahassee FL for just a short time, so I was happy that we found something so perfect so early on in our search. We knew that we would only have it for one year, because then she would be marrying her fiance and moving in with him. I could afford the rent on my own, but a two bedroom is just too big for me.

We have a year to enjoy it though, and that is what we are going to do. The apartment is everything we could hope for. It has the two bedrooms along with two full baths. She insisted that I take the master bedroom and bath, but it really didn’t matter to me because the second bedroom is just as nice. It has a large closet and the second bath is just right outside the door. There is even a laundry closet that is just outside of my bedroom door. For the common areas, there is a living room, a separate dining room, and a kitchen that is plenty big enough for the two of us to work in it together.

My favorite part is the patio, because I have access to it from my bedroom. My friend enjoy it now and again but she is at her fiance’s house or enjoying the pool more often than she is inside here. We have been here a few months now, and I have been considering something with how quickly her wedding date is getting here. I thought this apartment was too big for just me, but I may end up keeping it because I can always convert her room into an office or library. I am leaning more toward that with each day that passes!